There was a time when fans spent hours listening to and looking at albums, immersing themselves in their favorite artists music, photos, lyrics, and liner notes.

The mBE re-imagines the immersive album experience, only better. It’s a totally connected, rich media mobile app that’s designed for today’s screenagers.

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album app

The mLP (mobile Long Playing) app format offers an immersive album experience, complete with music, videos, lyrics, inspiration, behind-the-scenes views, live performances, interviews, lifestyle and commerce.


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Mobile Format

Artists are not capturing their share of the mobile media market

  • Incredibly, nearly 70% of mobile usage was for games and social media, with only 10% for general entertainment, which includes music.
  • iTunes song/album sales are declining
  • Piracy continues to grow
  • Audio streaming apps are ideal for discovery, yet offer little payout
  • Artist direct apps are not immersive


iOS/Android Mobile App Usage 2013









Source: Digi-Capital


The mLP is one of the very first apps that comply with the Connected Media Experience (CME) standard being set by the music industry

By mixing rich media and mobile, the mLP offers a fresh way for artists to release music and connect with fans.


Immersive Mobile
Publishing Format

The mLP has a stunning, video-rich UX with natural navigation and an exciting rhythm.

Tablet First

Designed for tablets, taking advantage of multi-touch displays, seamless video swipes, and gestures. The mLP will have a view toward cross screen usage on TVs and smartphones.

Hybrid App

The HTML5/Native approach enables cross-platform distribution and support.

Smart Sensors

Uses GPS, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance interaction and geo-target features.


The mLP offers first-to-market, premium in-app advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Artists can generate significant incremental revenue from immersive full display video ads on tablets that deliver the highest possible ROI and CPMs.


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